About Glurl.co


Glurl.co aims to provide you mobility and accessibility to shared URL's in many different places on the web.

This site allows shorten addresses that point to web pages, images, emails and files with security, convenience and speed.

Glurl.co was created in January 2012 as an individual enterprise and seeking to make the experience of browsing the web easier, practical and enjoyable. We know there are many URL's shorteners on the web, but Glurl.co aims to be much more than that. We hope to make this site a place where you can store, organize, track and share your links, images and e-mail addresses, and whatever you find interesting on the internet, easily and without compromising security and privacy.

We realize that there is still a lot to get there. But we are working hard to make this site everything that you expect.


Why use Glurl.co?


Persistence: Links and images are stored permanently with codes and aliases that do not change.

Security: Links directing to phishing, malware, spam and related websites are blocked and automatically removed.

Unlimited: Long URL's can have up to five thousand characters and conversions are unlimited.

Mnemonic: Codes and aliases are easy to remember and pronounce, and can be tracked by you wherever you are.

Previewing: Destinations and screenshots can be viewed before accessed, generating security and more convenience.

Permanent Redirects: Permanent HTTP redirects (301) allow proxies, cache links and bookmarks on your browser.

Embeddable: Use Glurl.co services on your website or directly from your browser through our API settings or our addons.

Ubiquitous: URL's can be stored and statistically analyzed anywhere and accessed at any time.

Accessible: URL's can be easily accessed from the address bar and QR code.


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